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Stair cladding is the latest innovative solution for home-owners looking to transform their staircase without the expense of buying and installing a brand new staircase entirely. We stock a number of different stair cladding systems, including Solid Oak Cladding to create that desirable and modern oak staircase effect at a fraction of the cost.

Acting like a veneer by fixing oak treads and risers to your existing staircase, you can easily rejuvenate the aesthetic of your home, especially when combined with staircase spindles and parts to match. We also include a bottom bullnose step and top transition step.

The entire range of stair cladding is designed to fit a variety of staircases; including straight flight, wider flight, mid-landing and kite winder stairs, and comes ready to blend seamlessly with existing flooring.

Photo from Coops-3.jpg
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